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Nothing makes us happier than to hear how pleased our clients are with our service.  Below are just a few examples of some of the praises we have received from our clientele:

We were very pleased to find our cats well cared for.  We've definitely found our pet sitters!  Thanks a lot! -April L.

It is such a great comfort to go away and know all is well at home!  Thank you so very much!   - Laura A.

Being on vacation & so far from home, I felt confident that "Alli" and "Kitten" were in good hands, making my vacation enjoyable." - Gloria L.

"HAPPY, AS USUAL!" - Richard H.

"What a wonderful service!!  It was lovely to go on vacation and know that my kitty was in good hands and my plants were watered.  Thank you!"
- Susan and Jerry K.


"Thank You!! :-)  C.C. seemed happy and well taken care of when we got home!! :-) - Sean & Jennifer M.

"Thank you so much for your services. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for an alternative to boarding their animal. Ace takes better pictures for you than us! You have a real gift with animals."
- Belynda & Brian

". . . very fair and easy to work with.  My dogs love 'em! We'll be back!"
- Barbara G.

"We want to thank you so much for taking such good care our our two dogs and parakeet while we were away.  It is such a relief to know that our pets are safe, can remain in their own environment, and best of all are loved by you both.  We can tell from their response to you when you visited and on our return that you spent time with them and gave them the attention they miss when we are not with them.  You both also go the extra mile - even buying them a big bag of treats which Seamus and Magical are enjoying.  Even mean Matilda the bird has softened up some in your care (she doesn't seem to be biting quite as hard). 

Again thank you - we appreciate having someone reliable to depend on." 
Jim & Jayne O.

"I have to say it was a pleasant surprise, I happened to check my email in Puerto Rico and there he was, my baby!  It made my day.  Thanks!"  
- Deanna M.
(We took photos of their kitty and emailed it to them while they were away.)

"I was able to go away and not worry about my babies!  I have already spread the word where I work!  Thanks!"  - Roseanne & John S.

"We had peace of mind while we were away.  Thank you for the wonderful care Sable received."  - Annette G.

"We were very pleased that our Rottweilers were very well cared for.  Now we know if we need Prancing Paws, we can rely on them. . . . Thank you for everything!" - Marie & Ray S.

". . . I just wanted to thank you both once again for taking such good care
of my three dogs.  No one lost any weight and everything was clean and taken care of the way that I asked you to do it.  I was very satisfied with your service and wouldn't hesitate to use you again. . ." 
- Barbara G.

". . . It was nice to know you were there so we didn't have to worry about the rugrats . . . Thanks so much!. . ." - Christina A.

"Thanks so much for everything. .  .Thanks for all the great care. I am glad we can count on you. Feel free to offer our number to any reference you need. . .Thanks!  - Christina A. (Repeat client!)

"Denise, everything was fine, thank you so much for taking care of everyone. . . I look forward to your help again, in the future, and if you'd like to add me to your list of references, please go ahead. Again, thank both of you, best regards, Linda."  - Linda L.

"I recently faced a real dilemma when I had the opportunity to go on a great trip, but my friends who usually watched my cats Izzy and Daisy weren't available. I'm very particular about my kids and don't feel comfortable boarding them. Fortunately, I found an ad for Prancing Paws Pet Sitting on the bulletin board . . . . I called the number and set up a free introductory appointment with Denise and Marty. I was immediately comfortable when I met them - real people and real animal lovers.

We made arrangements, I went on my trip, I came home problems. Izzy and Daisy were fine, their litter boxes were cleaned the way I would and the plants were watered. Even the garbage was taken out. I'll definitely turn to Prancing Paws Pet Sitting the next time I travel. I would recommend that anyone in the area in need of pet sitting services make an appointment with Denise and Marty. I believe they will be similarly impressed." - Richard H.

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